Remeha Boilers

I was asked by the marketing consultancy representing Remeha Commercial Boilers UK to provide marketing and PR shots of the new installation of two Quinta Ace 160 boilers to replace the ageing boilers at Saint Davids Cathedral.

The boiler room was very small and space was tight to set up lighting, but with the right equipment and lenses the new boilers were photographed as they were being commissioned, and after the commissioning once they were running. There was also a PR shoot with the commercial sales manager of the South West region, the local installer, and the Dean of the Cathedral.

So we had shots of the commissioning process, the new boilers running in the tiny boiler room below the Cathedral, and a PR shot outside the Cathedral with the building in the background. All in a day's work!

Remeha has a distinctive style for it's marketing images, using black & white and interesting angles. Below are just a few of the B&W's.

Saturday, 13 March 2021