Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer specialising in commercial work, for businesses, marketing, advertising, interiors, architecture, products, food and all marketing and PR needs. Covering all of South & West Wales, including Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and across the Valleys. Travelling further as needed.

Working with marketing departments and marketing professionals to produce images that reflect the business and fit in with existing corporate imagery if required. Photography briefs may be detailed, requiring specific aspects to be covered, angles or lighting while incorporating creative input. Or the brief can be flexible enabling more creativity for a new marketing look.

Creative Photography

Images are an important aspect in creating a dialogue between the customer and the business. A first glance at a brochure, display stand or website is a first impression that influences a potential customer. The images are vital in that first encounter. Time, money and energy spent on those images lasts for years and is of huge value to any business.

I am a photographer that works with businesses to create images to sell your services, property and products. It is a working relationship between your vision and my creativity and technical skill that brings life to your marketing. I take pride in delivering what you need for your business, through discussion and striving to understand what you want, while adding my own experience and vision to the mix.

Marketing / PR

Experienced in working to Marketing / PR photography briefs and delivering high quality images, on time, with a variety of views, angles and aspects to meet any publishing requirement.

A range of marketing images can be photographed in one session, from interiors and exteriors, to products, people, action, food and drink. See the Marketing / PR pages for examples.

Available across South and West Wales for Public Relations photoshoots, covering launches, news events, special events, store openings, and any PR events that need coverage.

Property Shoots

Extensive experience of property photography shoots ranging from newly opened schools, refurbished hotels, guest houses, large chain stores, small chain stores, restaurants, bars, self-catering holiday cottages, houses for sale, AirBB, and B&B.

Shoots can capture the whole of the interiors and exteriors, or focus on one aspect that may have been supplied, such as the flooring, wall covering, or interior fittings.

Property photography capturing interiors ideal for hotels, AirBB, B&B, restaurants, properties for sale, self catering holiday accommodation, offices, and any interior design that needs to be photographed.

Architectural Photography

Equipped with the latest architectural lenses, including the Canon 17mm Tilt Shift, photographing architecture, either inside or out, can be done to meet the most demanding of clients requirements for lighting, coverage, and perspective control. The photography can capture large buildings with correct verticals, and combined with the best lighting to highlight specific features, or parts of the building, such as paving or exterior lighting.

Architectural Photography requires the most appropriate lighting, which may be full sun, soft from clouds, or even night time. Careful research and a site recce can be done as needed to plan a shoot with the best lighting.

Construction Sites

Do you need high-quality visuals to showcase the impressive scale and progress of your construction projects? Look no further than professional construction site photography. I specialize in transforming complex construction scenes into captivating images that tell a story. From capturing the intricate details of steel beams to the bustling activity of workers, I translate the energy and expertise that goes into every phase of construction.

Whether you're looking for content for marketing materials, project updates for investors, or simply a stunning visual record of your achievements, our construction photography services deliver. I ensure safety remains paramount while collaborating with you to achieve the specific goals of your project.

Creative Professional Photographer Specialising in Business, Marketing, Product, Food, Architecture and Property Photography.

Covering Cardiff, Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, all South and West Wales.

Contact Derek Phillips on 01437 891090 / 07796542785 or email to discuss your Marketing & Commercial photography.

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