Pasties & Pies

Pasties, pies and pizza slices photographed using portable studio equipment on site at Jenkins Bakery.

Sometimes the simple approach to background and lighting is required for food items that will be illustrated on websites, leaflets and other media.

White background, lighting, reflectors, camera with tripod, and laptop to preview images as they were taken was setup at the bakery while the range of products was baked fresh.

Shots of each product range from straight to angled, and various close ups, all for different uses in marketing and promotional material.

These are not white cut-out, but have a shadow and a light background as it 'grounds' the image, and is ideal for the intended use of the images. As the images are very high resolution (8688x5792px from a Canon 5DSR) they can be cropped extensively.

Saturday, 13 March 2021