Stadium Plaza Cardiff

A few of the photographs from a shoot of the Stadium Plaza in Cardiff. The photographer captured the building in the context of the Rugby World Cup 2015 from day to night, including some 'blue hour' shots.

The Stadium Plaza is situated on the banks of the River Taff next to the Principality Stadium (renamed from the Millennium Stadium) in the heart of the City of Cardiff. An area becoming known as Cardiff's Leisure Quarter.

The architecture is modern, with large expanses of glass and features that relate to the stadium next to the building. As night fell the interior lights came on, with a feature staircase changing colours.

A wide-angle, perspective control lens was used with a tripod to ensure the verticals were straight, and depth of field and quality maintained as the light was fading. Some of the shots showing the crowd used a slightly longer exposure to allow some movement to show.

Some post-production work, mostly in Lightroom with a few images in Photoshop, was required for some minor clean up.

Saturday, 13 March 2021