Food Advertising

Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes have European Protected Geographical Status (PGI). Harvested in May they are described as having a "soft skin and distinctive strong earthy nutty flavour and aroma... a creamy texture and bright white colour". Being local they provided a good study for a set of advertising shots. They were photographed in the studio with a direct, but diffused, light angled to bring out the texture. Reflected light from the opposite side was adjusted to wrap around, even out the lighting, and bring out the texture and reflections. The arrangement was deliberately slightly off centre so as to not be too regular. The butter melt was carefully staged and captured at just the right moment. Finally, the black background was replaced by a Pembrokeshire landscape, shot on the St Davids peninsula, and various crops produced. The main image is over 8500px wide, so there is plenty of scope for using the image in different ways.

Saturday, 13 March 2021