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Creating images of property interiors for holiday cottages, restaurants, hotels, and business premises takes care, attention to detail and the creative use of natural light and post processing techniques. To capture both interior and outside scenes through windows it sometimes requires the use of multiple exposures to combine the scenes, especially when there is a high contrast on sunny days.

Outside it is important to capture the main selling points of a holiday cottage or property for sale and that includes the gardens and surroundings.

Superb interiors need superb photography to capture the ambient light and the way in which it produces ambience and atmosphere in a room. We never use flash, which can destroy the room's natural lighting, the aspect that gives the room life. Interior photography is not about just taking a photograph, but capturing the feel of the room. Hotels, holiday cottages, restaurants and interior designers spend a lot of time and money decorating and furnishing a room and we aim to capture the feeling of the space that was intended. Careful use of exposure, sometimes multiple exposures, colour balancing and post-processing work with the available light, while specialist perspective control lenses ensure the verticals are straight. Other techniques, such as using depth of field, provide artistic images and details for use on websites and publications.

If you have spent time and money creating a beautiful interior for your guests or customers then it's worth getting a professional to produce the images that will be used in your marketing for years.

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