Geze - Swansea University

Automatic door closing systems from GEZE have been fitted to the majority of student accommodation at the Swansea University Bay Campus. I was commissioned to shoot a number of examples of the door closers in-situ to show the usage and movement of the doors.

A part of the spec was to use different angles, show people moving through the doors, and show the movement of the closers. The use of a tripod and number of lenses with various shutter speeds, getting down to 0.7 sec for door closers, or even 1.5 secs for some  of the outside, slower moving doors. Careful control of exposure, and the dynamic range of a Canon 5DSR (50.6MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor) allows difficult on-site lighting conditions, such as those showing both the inside and outside of the doors, to be properly managed to produce high quality marketing images suitable for websites, pdf brochures, printed brochures and large scale printing to banners etc. Some of the images can be seen below.

Saturday, 13 March 2021