• Available for marketing, PR and advertising needs across West and South Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthenshire & Pembrokshire. Reliable, professional & flexible to meet the requirements ...

  • Creating images of interiors for holiday cottages, restaurants, hotels, and business premises takes care, attention to detail and the creative use of natural light and post processing techniques. To ...

  • Buildings need to be photographed both as a whole to show the situation, location, architecture and size, and also details brought out to show design features, coatings, products used, stone work ...

  • Food requires a different technique to other products and advertising images. The lighting is specific to bring out the life in the food, it's freshness, unique textures and colours. The light should ...

Professional, Reliable Photographer for Businesses

I am a Professional Photographer specialising in commercial work, for businesses, marketing, advertising, interiors, architecture, products, food and all marketing and PR needs.

Covering all of South & West Wales, including Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and across the Valleys. Travelling further as needed.

I work with marketing departments and marketing professionals to produce images that reflect the business and fit in with existing corporate imagery if required. Photography briefs may be detailed, requiring specific aspects to be covered, angles or lighting while incorporating creative input. Or the brief can be flexible enabling more creativity for a new marketing look.


Creative, Professional Photography

Images are an important aspect in creating a dialogue between the customer and the business. A first glance at a brochure, display stand or website is a first impression that influences a potential customer. The images are vital in that first encounter. Time, money and energy spent on those images lasts for years and is of huge value to any business.

I am a photographer that works with businesses to create images to sell your services, property and products. It is a working relationship between your vision and my creativity and technical skill that brings life to your marketing. I take pride in delivering what you need for your business, through discussion and striving to understand what you want, while adding my own experience and vision to the mix.

Marketing / PR Photography

Experienced in working to marketing photography briefs and delivering high quality images, on time, with a variety of views, angles and aspects to meet any publishing requirement.

A range of marketing images can be photographed in one session, from interiors and exteriors, to products, people, action, food and drink. See the Marketing / PR pages for examples.

Available across South and West Wales for Public Relations photoshoots, covering launches, news events, special events, store openings, and any PR events that need coverage.

Interior Photography

Extensive experience of interior photography shoots ranging from newly opened schools, refurbished hotels, guest houses, large chain stores, small chain stores, properties, restaurants, bars, holiday cottages, houses for sale, AirBB, B&B, and the Great Hall in Swansea and Queens Arcade in Cardiff.

Shoots can be to capture the whole of the interiors, or to focus on one aspect that may have been supplied, such as the flooring, wall covering, or interior fittings.

Property photography capturing interiors ideal for hotels, AirBB, B&B, restaurants, properties for sale, self catering holiday accommodation, offices, and any interior design that needs to be photographed.

Architectural Photography

Equipped with the latest architectural lenses, including the Canon 17mm Tilt Shift, photographing architecture, either inside or out, can be done to meet the most demanding of clients requirements for lighting, coverage, and perspective control. The photography can capture large buildings with correct verticals, and combined with the best lighting to highlight specific features, or parts of the building, such as paving or exterior lighting.

Architectural Photography requires the most appropriate lighting, which may be full sun, soft from clouds, or even night time. Careful research and a site recce can be done as needed to plan a shoot with the best lighting.



Food Photography

Food needs careful handling and an eye for preparation, lighting, perspective, lens choice, and the creation of scenes from clean white backgrounds, to complicated table or kitchen settings. Lighting is particularly important as it can bring out all the colours and textures if done correctly, and make the food appealing.

Food photography shoots can be done on site at restaurants, hotels, or production premises, using portable studio lighting equipment usually consisting of studio flashes with large soft boxes and various reflectors to manipulate the light direction and softness. Less formal food shoots can be done using available window light, reflectors, with props and background available on the premises.

Commercial Photography Portfolio

  • Available for marketing, PR and advertising needs across West and South Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthenshire & Pembrokshire. Reliable, professional & flexible to meet the requirements of your business marketing and advertising photography.

  • Some recent shots from around Milford Haven Marina, Pembrokeshire.

  • A few of the photographs from a shoot of the Stadium Plaza in Cardiff. The photographer captured the building in the context of the Rugby World Cup 2015 from day to night, including some 'blue hour' shots.

  • A recent food shoot for Vincent Davies's new cafe / restaurant near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. A day's shoot, with a portable studio set up, allowed the photographer to work with the chefs to capture the new dishes freshly cooked. The high resolution images can be seen on the menu, displays throughout the restaurant, and even the side of delivery lorries!

  • These are some of the shots from a school in Pencoed near Cardiff, designed to show the flooring from Gerflor. A wide variety of angles and positions were used to show the different applications of the flooring throughout the whole school.

  • A shoot for Milford Waterfront at the newly opened Impasto serving freshly made pizza and pasta to an original Italian recipe. Located at Milford Marina, Pembrokeshire, the images were shot to be used in general marketing of the business and of the marina itself to illustrate the range of food outlets.

  • These are a few examples of the images from a two day shoot at a new Welsh speaking school near Cardiff. We were asked to photograph the three phases of the school, from the original buildings to the modern designed new section. The results are from using a 17mm tilt shift lens and combining multiple exposures across it's range, both vertically and horizontally.

  • These interior shots are from the lovely Castlemead Country House Hotel in Manorbier. It was a pleasure to photograph the newly decorated entrance hall and bar, to add to the rooms and restaurant shoots done previously. The use of a 17mm tilt shift architectural lens and Canon 50mp camera created images with a huge potential for cropping for use in print and web. The shift on the lens allows large areas to be captured and combined in software, and along with multiple exposures reveals the true beauty of the old country house.

  • The hotel needed high quality images for publication in the Great British Cookbook so we set up a small studio next to the kitchens with table, lights, reflectors and camera. The chefs worked on the dishes and brought them to the studio freshly cooked. The dishes were initially prepared and the lighting adjusted before a second, or sometimes third, dish was created using what had been learned to get the best presentation and lighting.

  • The new DFS Store opened in Haverfordwest in December 2017, and Havas PR Edinburgh needed marketing photography of the opening, and the brand new interiors.

  • Creating images of interiors for holiday cottages, restaurants, hotels, and business premises takes care, attention to detail and the creative use of natural light and post processing techniques. To capture both interior and outside scenes through windows it sometimes requires the use of multiple exposures to combine the scenes, especially when there is a high contrast on sunny days.

    Outside it is important to capture the main selling points of a holiday cottage or property for sale and that includes the gardens and surroundings.

  • These are some of the interiors from both the modern design new building, and the original old buildings, at a Cardiff Welsh Language school. Many of the images use combined shots taken across the range of a tilt shift lens either vertically or horizontally. They are very large and allow a lot of options for cropping, even for large print publishing.

  • I was asked to photograph the interior of the Londis store at Brynhoffnant (Siop Hoffnant Stores), north of Cardigan in West Wales. It's a large local store with a wide range of products on sale, and provides a hub for the local community. The images were needed for an internal magazine and for marketing. On the day I worked with the enthusiastic owners, Marc and Sarah, to ensure the shelves were well stocked and everything was presented to its best. The preparation for a shoot like this is as important as taking the photographs themselves. They said the were "the best store photographs they've seen" - great feedback.

  • These are some of the studio sets done for Gwaun Valley Meats, a high quality butcher based in Pembrokeshire that's opened an online store. These are used to promote their meat boxes. The packs of meat were delivered in chiller boxes and shot in the studio, before being returned later in the day.

  • Automatic door closing systems from GEZE have been fitted to the majority of student accommodation at the Swansea University Bay Campus. I was commissioned to shoot a number of examples of the door closers in-situ to show the usage and movement of the doors.

  • Clients wanted a professional photographer to produce the photographs for the sales details of this large house in St Davids, Pembrokeshire. They were very pleased with the results and said:

  • The Swansea University Great Hall was refurbished by Mac-Interiors of Ireland, who commissioned us to photograph the interiors on the day of completion. Finishing touches were still being done, with a lot of crew on site, so we worked with the site manager to organise the shoot as each part was finished and cleared. Some of the images are below.

  • Here are some examples from a typical self catering holiday cottage shoot. In these examples the bright windows have been allowed to burn out adding to the brightness of the rooms. The views weren't needed as they didn't add to the property. If there were sea or countryside views the photographer would have used multiple exposure techniques to blend them in. 

  • Castlemead Hotel and Restaurant, in Manorbier on the South Pembrokeshire coast, arranged an onsite food photography shoot to get quality images for use on their website and printed media.

    A day's shoot, with portable studio lighting, was highly productive as the owners where well organised and enthusiastic and cooked every dish fresh.

  • Lewis Pies based in Swansea West Business Park are a long established company producing a wide variety of baked goods and supplying them across the UK and Ireland.

  • Food requires a different technique to other products and advertising images. The lighting is specific to bring out the life in the food, it's freshness, unique textures and colours. The light should glint through fresh salad leaves, bounce off sugared surfaces, and bring out the texture of pastry. Drinks come in bottles and glasses, and can be still or poured, all of which can be captured in the studio.

    Making food look good and attractive requires a different approach than most products or subjects.

    Food is one of my favourite items to photograph and, being an enthusiastic chef in the kitchen, it is a pleasure to create stunning and appealing images of a wide range of food dishes and products.

  • It's nice to see a B&B in Pembrokeshire, Wales, taking the time and making the effort to really provide the very best material for their website to help it stand out from the crowd. Here Langdon Farm asked for their traditional fried breakfast and alternative smoked salmon and scrambled eggs to be photographed to illustrate their website and menu.

  • These images taken at Milford Haven Marina in Pembrokeshire show the flexibility of using a wide angle tilt shift lens and combining multiple frames. The images are very big and either cover a panoramic view, or include a large amount of sky perfect for placing copy. The size of the images allow a lot of cropping options.

  • Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes have European Protected Geographical Status (PGI). Harvested in May they are described as having a "soft skin and distinctive strong earthy nutty flavour and aroma... a creamy texture and bright white colour". Being local they provided a good study for a set of advertising shots. They were photographed in the studio with a direct, but diffused, light angled to bring out the texture. Reflected light from the opposite side was adjusted to wrap around, even out the lighting, and bring out the texture and reflections. The arrangement was deliberately slightly off centre so as to not be too regular. The butter melt was carefully staged and captured at just the right moment. Finally, the black background was replaced by a Pembrokeshire landscape, shot on the St Davids peninsula, and various crops produced. The main image is over 8500px wide, so there is plenty of scope for using the image in different ways.

  • The Griffin Inn, Dale, Pembrokeshire had a new set of dining tables and chairs from Design & Contracts Interiors Limited, who wanted to feature the project.

  • I was asked by the marketing consultancy representing Remeha Commercial Boilers UK to provide marketing and PR shots of the new installation of two Quinta Ace 160 boilers to replace the ageing boilers at Saint Davids Cathedral.

  • A lovely, recently refurbished, apartment at the old Holyland Hotel just outside of Pembroke, Wales. As an interior photographer it was a pleasure to work with such a beautifully lit apartment.

  • Milford Waterfront has a range of food outlets, from cafes to restaurants. 

  • Architectural photography at a social housing estate in Swansea, Wales.

  • A recent shoot in a gorgeous holiday cottage right in the centre of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales. These show the way that the natural lighting of the interiors can be worked with to bring out the real feel of the cottage. This would be destroyed by the inappropriate use of strobes. The wide angle architectural lens with vertical shift is used to carefully get the exact perspective required.

  • Four new holiday cottages at Nolton Haven in Pembrokeshire needed new interior and exterior photography for use in print publishing, website and social media marketing. A superb day was suddenly available and we moved quickly to capture the best light to show off the rooms, gardens and views. Here are a few of the results from the day.

  • Different to photographing finished dishes, the behind the scenes work in the kitchen can provide dynamic food shots useful to add life to food marketing.

  • Photographing people at work can produce some great, dynamic, marketing images, ideal to show the behind the scenes effort that the customer doesn't usually see, such as food preparation in the restaurant kitchen, or technical and engineering work being done. 

  • These is some architectural photography samples from a shoot to show office and industrial buildings for estate management.

  • Lexden Terrace is in the heart of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, and overlooks St Catherine's Island between Castle Beach and South Beach.

  • A Marketing and PR shoot for Thomas Carroll Group on a farm in Pembrokeshire.

  • Pasties, pies and pizza slices photographed using portable studio equipment on site at Jenkins Bakery.

  • A new brochure meant having up to date photographs done of the Queens Arcade in Cardiff, Wales.

  • The Shack is a Holiday Cottage with an interesting history in Aberporth. It is one of a number of holiday cottages at Penffynnon close to the heart of the village and the beach.

  • Restaurants, Bars & Cafes come in a wide range of types, styles, and the market the serve.

  • A selection of images from a day shoot at Milford Waterfront in Pembrokeshire. The marina needed images to help market the attractions, places to eat, and general shopping available. This is one of many shoots for the marina focusing on different aspects of the businesses, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, gift shops and visitor attractions.

  • A lovely B&B above a cafe in the beautiful village of Newport, not far from Fishguard and Cardigan. Using AirBB for a lot of their bookings the owners needed professional photographs to show off the bedrooms and living room. A range of shots from the standard room views that are required, to more atmospheric shots and details showing the furnishings and lovely views.

  • A B&B located on the main street of Pembroke, needed a professional photographer to show off the high standard of furnishings and fixtures in this lovely two bedroom apartment. The owner is mainly using AirBB for bookings, and has found with other B&B accommodation properties that the outlay on professional photography was rewarded with increased bookings. AirBB photography is becoming a regular commission and I'm available to photograph properties across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, and South Wales, including Cardiff and Newport.

  • Great commission from Tobermore to shoot the use of their block paving at the new Penarth School in Cardiff. Stunning expanses of beautiful paving stone lead up to the brand new school. Captured using a 17mm Canon tilt shift lens designed specifically for architecture.

  • The Seaview Hotel, overlooking the harbour and Irish Ferry Port of Fishguard has had extensive renovation, including the dining room, bar and lounge. The views across the harbour and out to the sea are great from many of the rooms and the interior shots are done to show this.

  • Artwork Proofs

  • A few selected images from a food shoot at the beautiful Wolfscastle Hotel in Pembrokeshire. We set up a studio next to the kitchen and worked with the enthusiastic chefs to photograph a number of the best dishes, with one being submitted to The Great British Cookbook.

  • The Rugby World Cup 2015 at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, provided the impetus to the owner of the Stadium Plaza - right next to the Millennium Stadium - to commission architectural photographs of the building showing its proximity to the stadium and the crowds attracted there.

    With perfect light and a clear day the decision to photograph the Stadium Plaza was taken at short notice. Many excellent marketing images were produced, ranging from day to night.

    Below are some of the photographs from the shoot.

  • A few architectural photographs from a recent shoot for Tobermore at The Pumphouse in Barry near Cardiff. A recent redevelopment of an historic building in the Barry Waterfront Innovation Quarter. Using specialist architectural lenses and post processing the entire height of the building and it's surroundings are captured in a high definition image suitable for further cropping for use in print, website and social media.

  • This is a recently completed project at St Ilan Welsh School in Caerphilly, Cardiff. Three phases of development, ranging from the original to a brand new, modern, development. The school has both primary and secondary sections. A few of the images are below, and more in the main section of this website.

  • Some shots from the stunning Castlemead Hotel overlooking Manorbier in Pembrokeshire. The redecorated entrance and restaurant bar were photographed for the new website, and for use in accommodation booking sites.

  • A shoot for TreeWorks in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The old oak tree was dying and needed to be removed before it caused any accidents with falling branches.

    The team at TreeWorks used the dismantling as a project to produce a stock of photographs for use on their website, social media and marketing material.

    Over two days we set up a number of different techniques to illustrate, and they were photographed in different ways. We even did a time lapse, which can be seen at Time Lapse Photography Wales

    The two days resulted in about 900 images showing the work and techniques of tree surgeons, including an aerial rescue!

  • A great shoot at the Londis Store Brynhoffnant to photograph the interior to show the size of the store and its layout.

    See more under the Interiors... Londis Store Brynhoffnant menu.

  • Door closers! Not very exciting at first glance. But an interesting commission from Geze UK to illustrate the automatic door closers fitted to student accommodation at Swansea University Bay Campus.

  • An intensive two day shoot at one of Wales best and long established bakeries in Swansea. A wide range of marketing images for use on their new website.

  • Another Food Photography shoot at the popular Cafe Vincent, Vincent Davies in Haverfordwest. Set up a studio while the great kitchen staff prepared the dishes. Everything done and delivered on a tight timescale ready for the new menu.

  • New photographs done for the Qiueens Arcade in the centre of Cardiff. This is the brochure they have been used in. More images are in the Architectural Photography section at Queens Arcade Cardiff.

  • DFS in Haverfordwest held a free competition for local photographers to submit their photographs of Pembrokeshire.

  • A day at Milford Waterfront Pembrokeshire Fish Festival shooting a wide range of marketing images.

  • AirBB is becoming very popular for bed & breakfast accommodation providers in Pembrokeshire. This is a very well presented apartment on the Pembroke main street that needed professional photographs to really show off the interiors to prospective guests. Using a specialist lens enabled the high ceilings and beams to be shown in full.


Creative Professional Photographer Specialising in Business, Marketing,
Product, Food, Architecture and Interior Photography.

Covering Cardiff, Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, all South and West Wales.

Contact Derek Phillips 01437 891090 / 07796542785 or email derek@derekphillipsphotography.co.uk to discuss your Marketing & Commercial photography.



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