Landing the Catch

Crew of the Atlanta II landing a catch at Hobbs Point, Pembroke Dock

This is some personal work, and also available as stock images, taken at Hobbs Point on the Cleddau Estuary at Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire. On the way towards the oil tankers and Valero refinery near Angle I stopped off at Hobbs Point to see what shipping was around and if there was an interesting vie of the Irish Ferry docking. As I arrived the Atlanta II fishing boat was approaching the jetty and proceeded to tie up alongside, where there was a waiting lorry ready to take the catch of whelks.

It's a fascinating example of local life and industry in West Wales. With the agreement of the skipper I photographed the operation and the people involved. The images here are selected to form a series illustrating the work of the fishermen and others involved.

Although it was a bright winter day (end of October) the images have been post processed to give a less saturated, slightly faded look, to focus on the people in the scene. B&W was tempting, though I felt it needed a subtle colour approach.