Aerial Drone Photography

Qualified Civil Aviation Authority Drone PilotsIf a project requires aerial shots then, as a qualified and approved drone pilot, I can use the latest technology to provide the best views, and stunning panoramas, both horizontal and vertical, safely and professionally. Qualified with the Civil Aviation Authority for commercial work.

The drone can add a totally different visual element to the promotion of holiday homes, hotels, visitor attractions, and places of interest. Businesses can get an overview of sites, providing marketing images and superb promotional material.

As well as interiors and exteriors of the premises I can provide images that show the entire layout of your site, and also, using multiple image panoramas, the surrounding area and context. Are you close to the beach, woodland, lakes or just stunning open countryside, and just can't get the images that show that? A drone may be the answer, combined with careful positioning and height, and the latest multiple image combining technology, as well as the usual best light, one image or a short series can sum up your location and make you stand out against the rest.

Contact me to discuss your requirements. I cover South & West Wales, from Cardiff & Newport, to Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

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