Aerial Precision

Aerial Precision provides Aerial Photography, Aerial Mapping, and Aerial Survey services to businesses across Wales, and the UK. 

Qualified Civil Aviation Authority Drone PilotsQualified Civil Aviation Authority drone pilots using the latest drone technology and software can survey, inspect and photograph commercial, industrial, agricultural and private land, buildings and structures.

High quality maps can be produced for import into many CAD, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), 3D Modelling, planning and surveying programs.

Using aerial surveying techniques and photogrammetry the data supplied can be geo-referenced with GPS and matched with other data. The data can be used to measure ground distances, areas, volumes, heights, contours, and vegetation indexes.

Aerial Surveying can deliver safe and cost-effective options for industry, with the ability to access difficult and dangerous areas and structures.

Commercial and industrial projects can benefit from aerial photography for marketing and internal planning and management.

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Aerial Photography at a Construction Site